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Hello! I'm Tao, the intention of this page is mainly so that my friends and in special my family know me.

If you are in this site surely is by curiosity so that also you are welcome, you can enjoy seeing my photos and reading interesting things that you will find in the different sections from this page.

About me I can tell you that I was born in April, 24 of 1999 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I am a Shih Tzu. I like to leave to take a walk and to play with Pompi, a Maltes of 1 year old and you can know him in the section FRIENDS.

  I learned to being obedient with my owners but equal I make pranks once in a while. I love to play with my toys and when sometimes I remain single, I sleep and I break all the papers that encounter to my reach.

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High Density Hawk Award

High Density Hawk Award

Believe 2 Achieve

The International Association of Web Masters and Designers

The International Association
of Web Masters and Designers

Steliart Productions

Top Dog Award

Top Dog Award

"Cool DOG Site of the day"
August 16, 2000

December 22, 2002



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