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Poison Plants


Common Yard Flowers and Foliage
Caladium - All parts.
Chrysanthemum - Leaves and stems.
Climbing Lily - All parts extremely poisonous especially tubers.
Delphinium - All parts.
Elephant Ears - All parts.
Four O 'clocks - All parts.
Foxglove - All parts can be fatal.
Hydrangea - Whole plant
Impatiens - All parts.
Ivy (All Forms) - All parts.
Lily of the Valley - All parts
Lobelia - All parts.
Lupine - All parts especially pods and seeds.
Magnolia - Flowers.
Marigold - Young leaves and stems especially poisonous.
Moccasin flower (Lady Slipper) - All parts.
Morning Glory - All parts.
Peony - All parts.
Periwinkle - All parts.
Pinks (Sweet William, Carnation) - All parts.
Poppy (except California) - All parts.
Snapdragon - All parts.
Sweet Pea - All parts. Especially seeds.
Verbena - Foliage and flowers.
Wisteria - All parts. Seeds and pods.

Common Shrubs

Azaleas - A shrub. All parts are fatal.
English Holly - Berries may be fatal.
Evening Trumpet Flower - A shrub.
Hibiscus - a shrub
Oleander - All parts. Foliage.
Rhododendron - All parts are fatal especially leaves. A shrub.
Yellow Oleander - All parts. Especially kernels of the fruit. A shrub.

Garden Plants

Asparagus - Berries and eating green shoots raw may cause dermatitis.
Eggplant - All but fruit.
Elderberry - All parts.
Fava Bean - Raw or half cooked beans.
Horse Bean - Raw or half cooked beans.
Potato Foliage - Eyes and sprouts can be fatal. A shrub
Lima Bean (Java Bean) - Uncooked bean.
Rhubarb - Leaves and uncooked stems.
Rosemary - Leaves in some species.
Sage - Leaves in some species
Tomato Plant - Leaves and vines.
Wild Onion - (also cultivated onion) -
All parts especially once they begin to decay.
Wild Parsnip - Underground roots and foliage

Fruit and Nut Trees

Angel Trumpet Tree - Flowers, leaves juice and seeds.
Apple - Seeds, leaves and bark.
Apricot Pits - Inner seed
Avocado, (Alligator Pear) - Leaves, bark seeds, pit, unripe fruit and stems.
Balsam Pear - Seeds, outer rind of fruit.
Black Walnut - Hulls and bark.
Buckeye Horse - Chestnut Buds, nuts, leaves, bark, seedlings, and honey.
Blackthorn - Fruit and bark.
Cashew - Shells contain a poisonous oil
Cherry (Wild and Cultivated) - Twigs, leaves, seed pits.
Fig (Ficus) - Milky sap in leaves and fruit.
Nectarine - Seed Inner pit only.
Oak Trees - Leaves and acorns.
Peach - Inner seed, leaves and bark.
Pear - Seeds, leaves and bark.
Plums - Leaves, inner seeds and bark.
Red Oak Buds - (fall) young shoots (early spring) sprouts and acorns.
Sorghum - All parts.
Walnut - Outer green hulls.
Wild Black Cherry (Choke Cherry, Rum Cherry) - All parts.

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