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The Shih Tzu History

Chinese Lions

The ancestry of the Shih Tzu dates back to 1000 B.C. descending fron Tibetan origin. The history of the Tibetan "Lion Dogs" is interwoven with the tenets of Buddhism, which originated in India. The lion was closely associated with Buddhism, but the lion was not indigenous to China, so the Chinese and the Tibetan Lamas bred their dogs to resemble lions. The Shih Tzu (whose name means "lion") is reputed to have been the oldest and smallest variety of the Tibetan "holy dogs" and bears some similarity to other Tibetan breeds. For much of the long and illustrious history of China, the breeding of the small "Lion Dog" was a favorite pastime of succeeding imperial rulers.

Prior to 624 A.D., documents show that small dogs were exported from Malta, Turkey, Greece and Persia, as gifts to the ruling Chinese emperors. It is likely that the first small Tibetan Lion Dogs from which the Shih Tzu is probably descended, came to China during the Qing (Ch'ing) dynasty as tributes from the Grand Lamas to the Chinese Imperial Court.

During the 1920's the first pair of Shih Tzu (pronounced Shid Zoo), was brought to England. More imports followed, and the breed became well established there. Its popularity spread to Continental Europe and to North America, where it now enjoys a tremendous following.

Classified as a Toy breed in the United State, is an elegant, long-coated breed. All colours are acceptable, black, black and white, gray and white, gold and white, etc. A white blaze on the forehead and a white tip to the tail are prized. Daily brushing is essencial, this does require care and attention.

The strongest characteristic of the Shi Tzu is it's personality. They are a non-aggressive fun-loving dog that is a good companion for both little children and adults. The dog is alert, lively, enjoys a good walk. They can play for hours and not a day goes by that these guys won't make you laugh. They love nothing more than the love and affection of people. The breed is happy to entertain any stranger and bestow their affection upon the nearest person.

These dogs are great with kids. They will play with them for hours, the question is who will tire out first, the kids or the dog?

The botton line is that these dogs make a great pet. So if you are looking for that special friend, don't hesitate, just go to a breeder an pick out your pet Shih Tzu.-

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